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Have you per chance been able to compare the Valvet X against The Phantom V ? My interest is mainly male vocals low tenor upper baritone ( mine) and acoustic guitar thoughts? I have the Phantom V which I use for my voice and sometimes for acoustic guitar. P.S I use an A designs MP2A pre
I have. Try to translate through knowledge: Phantom V is FET; Phanthera V is transformer; Valvet X is transformer plus tube. So the Phantom is rather straight and natural, Phanthera has the typical dynamics and liveliness of transformer based amps and Valvet X has the liveliness combined with harmonics and natural compression associated with tubes. So if you're looking for some more exciting sound than you can get from a Phantom V, you should definately try out the Phanthera or if you are looking for something very outspoken, detailed and airy, yet smokey and warm try the Valvet X. Valvet X has a very hot output, so many good preamps will work fine with it.

Note that not all voices are helped by Valvet X as it is so revealing. Phanthera (V) is more friendly to a lot of voices, but also less carved out in sonic detail. As always this may be good or less desired, depending on your needs. Valvet X demands very good voice control as it will expose any flaws in speaking/singing technique.