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I am pretty sure that had this mic existed in the Fifties it would now be one of the most sought after "vintage" mics. But since many people only want what they already know they go for the old sound. I don't care about the classic convention of what sounds "good". "Good" can be so much more. So the Valvet X is probably my most beloved microphone. It is a unique voice mic with pure magic poured into it. It does not really resemble the Valvet, BTW. Nor does it resemble the other Brauners much, except for the basic "pristine" quality. It's a class of its own. As is the Brauner Phanthera V, which also sounds completely different from the rest of the family (and also not like the Valvet X).

Valvet X cuts through almost any mix, but still finds a way to sound warm and golden. I love it. For many voices I prefer it over the big guns from Brauner.