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Old 20th May 2006
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With respect to the rest of you guys AlexLakis is the only one that really addressed my question. Not to say your contributions are not appreciated as they always are but if you re-read my post it was quite a specific scenario I was outlining.

I use the digi converters in conjunction with my RME ADI-8DS (all synched to the RME, of course) whenever I need more than 8 channels at a time. There's a difference, but it's not going to make or break the mix. I'll try to record guide tracks or potentially disposable tracks thru the DIGI, and everything else thru the RME. Sometimes, I end up using the tracks thru the DIGI's converters (and sometimes pres,) sometimes I don't. Like I said, it's not going to make or break the mix. The source, performance, and your recording/engineering/mixing techniques are what's going to make the difference. Don't blame the pres or the converters, because plenty of great recordings have been made on them.
Thats interesting as its a similar thing that Im thinking. My idea is that I will have 2 channels of high end pre and conversion (using my Amek) and the rest of the 002's pres etc as filler (at least until I can afford another decent outboard pre / ADC combo or similar). I guess what I really wanted to know is if there is a serious consequence of depending on the 002's clock recovery circuitry when in this routing? I know it aint gonna sound sweet but will it be so bad that it wont make the grade?? (as in 002's pre / ADC and clock recovery to external clock...not a pretty combination right?)

Also, are you sure plenty of great recordings have been made with the 002's pres and AD's ? I do find it unlikely. Can you give any examples of any commercial releases that do? Thanks.