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recording Marshalls

Why do they always seem to be close mic'd? I'm mostly a guitar player, but I take my recording seriously. Next week I'll have my Royer 121 and SCA API & Neve modules.
So if my amp is dialed in and it sounds great at my ears, I don't see how close micing a speaker or two can faithfully capture that sound.
I have no doubt that stereo distant micing has been tried, but why doesn't it work? Is there just too much ambience or room sound to mix around? Or did one of the old masters just decide to close mic and this became the standard for hard rock?
-OR have I just been fooling myself for 30 years that my live stage sound is good, just because it's loud and I can feel it? I know that for live sound, everything has to be close mic'd because of bleed. SO the FOH sound is going to be closer to the typically recorded sound. But I also know it doesn't really represent what the amp sounds like on stage.