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Looking to move from a Eureka to 2 good pre's ...Help?

Hey folks …I currently have a simple (1 track at a time) home hobby studio. I run Logic Pro 7.2 on a MBP, I use a Presonus Firebox interface, a Presonus Eureka Mic Pre, And have a Neumann TLM-103 and Sure SM57 for capture. My sources for capture are a Mesa Amp, a Taylor Acoustic guitar, and male voice. I plan to add a Shure SM81 (one now and one in the near future) for more versatility on acoustic. I use the TLM103 on voice, the tlm103 and sm57 on my amp cab, and plan to use the tlm103 and sm81 or two sm81’s on acoustic.

In my recording (which isn’t at all edgy) I often enjoy blending an panning different mics to get a nice dimension to the sounds.

Now to my question …I like the firebox as an interface, but find its pre’s to be noisy and sort of weak when I compare to my second channel on the Eureka. I made the mistake previously thinking only my expensive mic needed a good pre and now I know I need two good pre’s.

So The Eureka is nice but its actually the only decent pre I have used. I am looking to unload it and get 2 good channels or perhaps another eureka. I don’t really need the Eureka’s compressor or mediocre EQ so I feel I could get something better at around the same price.

I have been eyeballing the FMR Audio RNP (Really Nice Preamp) for its price point. I am not sure if this would be a down/up/or lateral move but I like the idea of a no frills pre. Also two-used Grace 101’s would probably be my max budget but if the RNP is as good or better than the Eureka I am inclined to go there due to price (unless there is some other option that’s a major jump)