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OK... I can see the credulous newbs and the easily hypnotized reading this thread and rushing off to buy 10, 15, 20 year old digital and analog delays just because they're rackable...

I'm curious -- since you guys are so sold on these "amazing" rack delays, just what does a rackable digital delay bring to your efforts that a well featured digital delay plugin doesn't have?

And with regard to analog bucket brigade delays -- what do they bring besides loads of hiss and/or diminished high end resolution?

For the record, because I've been doing this a long time, I have three rack delays, as well as 4 rack multi-FX boxes that have their own configurable delays. And before I set up my project studio, I was the frustrated user of more than a few analog rack delays in various studios. The only analog delays I, personally speaking, could ever tolerate were tape based delays like the Echoplex or SpaceEcho.
The closest best plugin would be Soundtoys Echoboy, but it's really the character of these old delays that's difficult to replicate.

I'm a delay geek, lotsa hardware and plugs. Each has their place, but for me, for raw inspiration the old delays are it.

And knobs, love knobs!