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Originally Posted by RedWallStudio
I have a Rosetta 800 connected to my 002 rig via lightpipe and set the PT software to clock to the Rosetta via ADAT. Everyone says I should hear a difference.. maybe I do... but it definitely isn't "holy sh#t" type of difference. The rosetta does have waaay better sounding converters than the 002 though.. but don't forget, a Rosetta is just an AD/DA converter.. you still need a mic pre to get analog to it. Cha-ching.heh
Totally agree; clocking the 002 from the 800 is a minute difference. When I track thru the Rosetta 800 I'll record scratch tracks into the 002's preamp/converter but they don't sound too good up against the Rosetta 800.

But a lot of that may be the fact that when I do that, the scratch tracks go via the 002 preamps too.

If you clock the 002 externally and use better preamps with the 002 converters it might be better.

But there's no real problem running the session that way, if that's the question.