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Old 22nd November 2011
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Strange behavior with levels and Magnetic II in Pro Tools 10

I like Magnetic and now also Magnetic II. If used sparingly it can punch something through a mix. On a submix bus it can also bring out the third dimension on drums or background vocals. So it definitely has its use. Not to put on every channel but every now and then it can be very useful.

I have used MII in two mixes now and I constantly run into a strange behavior. Every time I tweak MII's parameters the signal in the channel drops a large amount of dB in PT 10. When I shuffle Magnetic from one insert slot to another it will pop the level back to normal. It's very annoying because you're constantly misjudging the levels in your mix.

it's definitely a bug I've had it so often now that I ruled out any other problem. I'm still on two thoughts whether it's a PT 10 bug related to clip gain or it is MII. Working on a mix all day I'm now starting to think it's Magnetic II. Anyone else experienced this behavior. With or without Magnetic?