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Old 20th May 2006
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I would personally look at getting better outboard pres then a convertor. The convertors on the 002 are ok. Not up to the latest and greatest around today, although I have not heard the harshness I did with older blackface digi 20 and 24 bit convertors. Although I added a Mytek DA as I found I was missing stuff with the mix. The AD well I will leave it at the moment.

The mic pres are not crap. They are just not realy great they pass audio. I am not a big fan off any pres around the same level as well mackie/behringer/focusrite plat range etc, They always sound 2D to me and some just clip way to early. Although I have had stuff come in to mix in teh studio done on Neves which sounded crap and stuff done a behringer desk that sounded good. A lot of the time its the user. Good gear is more 3D and fuller sound, although I have know a lot of people setup very expensive home recoridng systems and then struggle to know about mic placement.