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Old 20th May 2006

Originally Posted by heathen
Hi Bob, Ive dreamed of getting stepped attenuators on the inputs and outputs of my Pendulum es8, I'm just wondering if you could recommend which type of pots would be good for the job. Not being that good with electronics, I'm just wondering if the Bournes pots you mentioned are the ones you would recommend (if plentifull) or any others. My only hassle with the es8 is no stepped attenuators, having to re calibrate every time I change i/o settings. I use it a lot so it probably is worth doing.
I really like this unit so I would like to be able to get the most out of it. I'd actually like unity gain at 12 o'clock, have you any tips you could share? If you get the spare time.

You should talk to Greg, the designer. I do not have a schematic. All the mods were done for me by the designer, Greg. I just supplied the pots and discussed the setup I would like with him. The unity gain setting was done by Greg for me, tweaking an inside trimpot on the OCL-2 that already exists inside the unit.

If the ES8 is physically designed like the OCL-2, then there is not enough physical room for anything larger than the Bournes multiturn pot. I happened to have a pair of 50K pots that can be made to fit. Greg has to weigh in here, he is the designer and has to make sure the impedance is right, etc.

The neat thing about the Bournes pots is you can read out the position of the attenuator very precisely. I think I only have some 20Ks left. These are very expensive pots and I got them surplus.