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Originally Posted by tINY

Rent "This is Spinal Tap"

Don't do anything you see there.


For the anger management, do 'ya smoke? Have a good supply of rolling papers. You never really hear about stoners killing or maiming people in anger...

Don't get drunk...that's just bad bad news. I'm not saying don't drink at all, but if you do just don't overdo it. Eating Mexican or other gas inducing foods before getting into a small vehicle with your bandmates is also a BAD idea unless you wanna start a war...

I always carried books, magazines & my own music to listen to. The last band I went out with had a TV & VHS deck in the back so sometimes we'd pop movies in on the long hauls and zone out like that.

Other then you have a tour manager, FOH person or other type of point man? Have them call all the clubs and advance each gig. Find out what time you should be there, if there's a soundcheck, all that important stuff and see about getting food. Some venues will feed 'ya for free...others make you pay & some have no grub at all. Ask about parking too...some places have NONE and you might have to haul the gear a couple three blocks from a lot. The last time I was at the Funk Box in Baltimore it was Halloween and while we could load in right at the venue, the van & trailer was parked fukin' BLOCKS 20 or 30...I dunno. I stayed with the gear!

Carry as little gear as you can get away with, even if that means leaving the second half-stack and octobons at home. Clean clothes are good too...either bring enough to get you through or plan on a couple "laundry afternoons" along the ride.

I'm sure there's other stuff I should think of...

Anyway, I checked out the schedule...going from Cleveland, OH (don't get lost backstage!) to Hartford, CT in a day is gonna be ROUGH if not impossible. It's a 10 hour drive without traffic or stops and you're heading right through some heavily congested areas. Hit 84 in CT & Hartford at the wrong time of day, like 4pm or later...rush hour time and it turns into a parking lot, the kind were you shut the car off & get the frisbee out...

You’ll probably want to hit the road right after the Cleveland gig & drive as much as possible so you don’t have too far to go the next day. The rest of it looks like nice easy drives with a day off here & there. Nice!