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Old 21st November 2011
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Dear friends,

Many of you reported issues with the latest Nomad Factory installers on PC where some plug-ins as ECHOES, MAGNETIC, etc wouldn't show up in some DAWs.

The folks at Nomad worked on that the hole week-end and uploaded a new version last night

That one was a very tricky issue that came from a PC that somehow upgraded the system and added some "dependency" as they were compiling previous PC installers.

Nomad therefore compiled new installers on an other machine and it appears that FIXED ALL BUGS encountered by some of you under certain circumstances and the plug-ins normally working as they should !

The new installers are available from this link :
Nomad Factory | Creative Software Company

The folks at Nomad and ourselves at DC apologies for the trouble some of you went through and thank you for reporting. That was a tough one as we simply couldn't reproduce the problem on any PCs installed at Nomad or DontCrack :( Anyhow, it appears that the problems are now fixed !

Thanks for your patience and your understanding.

Kind Regards - Peter