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I was the DJ at a wedding last week, so I had to prepare an enormous amount of MP3s... I ripped all of my CDs, and had to extract and download (don't tell anyone) a LOT of individual MP3s that the guests wanted to hear.

So I needed a media player capable of organizing all this stuff in playlists so that I wouldn't spend 10 minutes looking for the next song to play. With the ID3 tags, I used the Genre a lot... For example, if a song was African Reggae, I wrote "Worldbeat Reggae" in the Genre. I wanted it to appear in both the Worldbeat playlist and the Reggae playlist.

And I have to admit, Itunes is the best that I could find for my needs.
It has Smart Playlists where you can say "If Genre contains the word Reggae, then add the song to the Reggae Playlist.

With media player, you can't do that, and if you have, for example, a "Worldbeat Reggae" song, a "Worldbeat" song, a "Reggae" song, and a "Ska Reggae" song, they all appear as 4 seperate genres, you have no way of making the song appear in user-defined playlists automatically, unless you create the lists song-by-song.

So, for huge collections, my vote goes to Itunes for its organizational possibilities.

But if there was a non-mega-corporation player that did better, I'd switch.