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Question : what is with you're expirience the most used setup in your analog chain ... first you're EQ's and then your compressors or a mixed setup ( or are you using a patchbay ) ... like EQ1 - COMP1 -EQ2 - COMP2 and do you vary a lot .. or is your setup always the same sequence ... you old dogs !!!! :-)

right now my setup most of the times WEISS EQ1 -> DA -> then the Tubetech smc-2B -> NSEQ-2 and after The NSEQ-2 there's the manley-vari-mu ... and back into the AD - L2 -> DAW

I'm thinking of doing the swap of the TUBETECH after the NSEQ-2 .. main reason is that I feel the tubetech is not that open in the top-end .. but mayby that's the character of the unit ... and it's getting used way less then the manley ... ( yes I have to addmit ... )

I can switch to a XLR patch .. but my analog chain is connected by nice van den HUL cable with top XLR connectors .. that's why i don't transfer the analog chain to a xlr-patchbay ..

greetings Wim
It can be pretty subtle, but there are enough occasions where it's better to compress before EQ so that would be my general recommendation. A frequency boost in front of the compressor can cause that range to be knocked down a bit when that is not the intended effect. That said, I've got my analog compressor in front of my EQ, but most times my digital compressor after the EQ with no obvious harm. But if I have a sibilance problem and at the same time I need to get some presence out of a frequency range, it's probably better to De-ess first, and/or compress first.

I have two Weiss DS1-Mk2's and in my most common digital patch, one is in front of the EQ and one is after, so I'll put any compression chores that might not like a severe or strong EQ boost into the first compressor.