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Old 19th May 2006
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New RME ADI-2 Owner

so far its nice, i dont have any monitors hooked up so far yet but its kickin. 3 problems:

1. This thing has no power off button, is this safe.

2. Y no autosync feature pressing the button gets annoying after a while.

3. Last but not least y no rubber feet if its not being rackmounted yet (lol)

ohhhh 1 more thing the xlr button where u press down to release the xlr connection makes the input lights jump i dont know y. And the power jack port is soo loose but enuff complaining. Now so far i have the hdsp 9652.>>>> to the adi-2 >>>>> now Mic Pre n Mic and ill be fine.

So what should i expect out this thing, im leaving from my 4 yr old delta 44, and just bought the samp 8. Thanks.