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Gear Freeze alert - Band going on Tour!

Luckily I got outbid on a bunch of primo gear this week on ebay.
I just found out my band Supermercado is going on tour with Vixen and Enuff Z Nuff starting May 28th to June 11th.

Mainly Midwest and East Coast.
Any tips on how you personally survived a 15 day van tour?
I have problems with anger manegement from the first day on.
Who's got some good medatation techiques, I'll need them.
I haven't toured in 8 years.
Whats the good word on swag that will enable the band to get a burritto every night?
We have the obvious CDs, T-Shirts, and Metal Dog Tags.
We also have to carry the backline for the entire tour in a trailer.
3 Marshall Half stacks, full bass rig and 5 piece drum set.
Were in a Cargo van, but the Bass player is a capentar. Any tips on a bunk for me?
You dream it, he'll build it.
I've been looking at this site:
for tips.
Who supplies the bunk beds? Camping stores?
A joint band account will get us an iPod, yippiee!
Are there any good "Van Touring Bands Survial Guides" on the net?
Most of the sites are to rudimentary.