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to EQ before compression or to compress before EQ ..

Question : what is with you're expirience the most used setup in your analog chain ... first you're EQ's and then your compressors or a mixed setup ( or are you using a patchbay ) ... like EQ1 - COMP1 -EQ2 - COMP2 and do you vary a lot .. or is your setup always the same sequence ... you old dogs !!!! :-)

right now my setup most of the times WEISS EQ1 -> DA -> then the Tubetech smc-2B -> NSEQ-2 and after The NSEQ-2 there's the manley-vari-mu ... and back into the AD - L2 -> DAW

I'm thinking of doing the swap of the TUBETECH after the NSEQ-2 .. main reason is that I feel the tubetech is not that open in the top-end .. but mayby that's the character of the unit ... and it's getting used way less then the manley ... ( yes I have to addmit ... )

I can switch to a XLR patch .. but my analog chain is connected by nice van den HUL cable with top XLR connectors .. that's why i don't transfer the analog chain to a xlr-patchbay ..

greetings Wim