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Good to see more scrutiny from the press.

Think tanks and disclosure - Ben Smith -
The Times identified MacKinnon as a fellow at New America, but didn't disclose something that would be obvious only to close watchers of the D.C. think tank scene: That New America draws its money from Silicon Valley. Indeed, Google chairman Eric Schmidt is the Chair of the New America Foundation’s Board of Directors, and he and the company together have given New America more than $1.7 million in the past three years, according to the foundation.
People like to link to these types of articles from these "think tanks", only they link to it second-hand at sites they do visit (like TechDirt). I doubt alot of the most vocal people even know where the reports come from .. if they even care.
If Google is good at one thing, it is herding sheeple.

Funny how this one backfired on them...