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i type "iLok" into Bing, and the second 'auto-complete' suggestion is "iLok Crack"... same thing with a Google search...

anyhow, from the iLok website:
iLok Support Center - FAQ
Q:How many licenses can the new version of the iLok hold?

The new version of the iLok typically holds over 500 licenses. Depending on the type of licenses you own, the iLok may hold far more.
Granted this is the new iLock version, but still..

So if you happen to use the Vengence samples (admittedly haven't heard of them until now), that's two usb sticks you need. Otherwise one.
Dunno if i'd put the UAD DSP cards in the same boat as those. Yes the plugs are dependent on the hardware, but it's more than just a locking device.