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Old 15th November 2011
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I've got friends who have massive cracked libraries of VST plugins and software but I buy all mine. They give me crap about it all the time, however I have a reason for buying it.

They sit there, download heaps of software etc and then mucjk around with it then download more. Massive libraries of the stuff. The problem is, they download it, go "cool" and that's it. I buy my software and go "well, I paid $800 for it, let's get the party started". Because I've paid a lot for it I'm more tempted to use it whereas they brely use theirs, it seems like it's just there so they can say they have it. However buying it, and spending your own hard earned money on it, gives you a drive to actually get in and explore it.

If I got my software for free I'd probably be lazy, but since I paid for it I use it all the time.