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Old 14th November 2011
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i think the OP is somewhat ignoring a few things.

Despite the fact that everything you said , regardless of logic, is conjecture as you just don't know. You did make some arguments that are not very compelling. One argument that seemed to lack a logical backing was that people who use cracks will eventually buy software. Ok lets entertain that this is true, how does this say anything regarding them not buying software with a dongle. Dongles do get cracked albeit not very often. So that route is possible with dongled software.

Your comment about hurting the user ? You don't know how the dongle is impacting sales and the sales that would be lost if cracks were so easy to implement. So if the dongle protects the integrity and boosts sales, then the user is not penalized.

I imagine the decision to use a dongle is not a light one. I also think that as a company, your number one goal is to stay solvent. Your goal is to profit. This is what business does. If you aren't profiting, you aren't going to survive. It isn't some nefarious shock capitalism approach, it is the foundation of running a business well. Every decision, is based on the bottom line. Now i am sure there are examples of companies that went out of business because of piracy. Their users were not just hurt but they no longer have a means for support. The company is dead. THink of a dongle like certain building codes that require ridiculous policies because there was a very windy day 50 years ago, one that was never repeated not 50 years prior or up to today. Is it likely? no. But are you willing to risk your company when you can implement a method that has a certain level of success in preventing piracy.

Until companies have more knowledge regarding piracy, I don't think you can really fault them for that sort of decision. Many if not most of the products using dongles are the ones that involve a lot of overhead. They might have board members to account for, employees to account for.