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Every single time someone has an argument for piracy (which is any variation other than outright ownership) we get these long, mangled threads that are charged with emotion, some wisdom and lots of stupidity, illegalities, economic modelling, sales strategies, tricky arguments, paranoia, conspiracy theories and what everyone out there thinks of the income of a developer.
Piracy is illegal.
It is so because it is wrong.
It is wrong because it is stealing.
It is stealing because the worker is never going to receive all his wages.
And that's how real it is. Someone who worked hard didn't get paid by someone who has privately obtained their product and uses it.
Which of you idealist piracy advocates entered the music game thinking it should be somehow cheap or free?
Music is not free.
Real music making costs money.
Advocacy for piracy is tinseltown anarchy.

Mr.Obvious no one here is for piracy, it would be stupid to think so. I have not seen posts for piracy. If you are against dongles and cumbersome copy protection schemes, that doesn´t mean you advocate piracy. That´s like saying if you are against TSA microwaving and groping your children, you are for terrorism!

And every person getting 75000$ a year for working in a DAW plugin company? That´s just crazy. Maybe at Waves or UA, if you´re lucky. Even politicians get paid less (if you don´t count the under the table "donations"). If the software companies get paid this much, they have nothing to worry about.

And it´s still a fact that those who use cracks, wouldn´t bought the product anyways. So copy protections are just useless and most of these products are cracked anyways, so it´s just waste of money, resources and precious time of developers and legit customers. It´s stupid stupid stupid! No wonder why so many of these plugins and software have so many bugs and problems! Fix your products developers and stop worrying about the 14 year old "bedroom producers"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!