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Old 14th November 2011
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Can you automate Spat in a mix context; and can it be done there without cpu overloads? Fyi all - when replying about automation, I was specifically referring to Spat.
Hi kdm, no, I was not able to access any automation in Nuendo, except the bypass for the plug-in. But I want to dig in a little deeper and see if there's really no way... because to think of it, I also did not see the A-to-B scene slider which I think (fear) was the only intended automation Flux designed for.

It's insane if this plug-in can not automate movement! Insane I tell you!!!!!!!! (screaming ensues and heels are heard being dragged away on concrete to a distant room, as screams change to wails, a squeaky hinge of a cell door whines and the door clangs shut... massive booming verb... c'mon! tell me you'll want to do this without automation???!!!)