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What do you need from the reamped-signal? Fullrange? Grit? The sound of a cone moving some air? Minimal would be a suited headphone strapped over your mic. If you only need some dirt you could use any small combo amp, get mids and some highs from it and use the lows from the signal (D.I.ed?) you feed your amp with - in any case check for phase, the "phase" button on the mixer/pre will not be of much use here as you will run into phasey mids/highs that are better fixed by putting the mic a few inches/millimeters nearer or more far away from the speaker. Loop the signal and with your headphones (with both signals) position the mic until it sounds right. In some cases it will be easier if you search the best position for the mic with pink noise. If you want a bold fullrange signal from your reamp you're in to more work/cost.
I use a 1970's Hiwatt and a TraceElliot 15" in a 20x60' room - from nice to Motorhead with the twist of a knob...and a THD hotplate to back off 4 or 8 dB. Don't forget to try a few places where you set up the cab, bass will be different all over the place...and you could also put the cab on a crate or something to get it off the ground.