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Old 18th May 2006
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Stupid question about ITB mixing in Pro Tools

I'm not sure I exactly understand what many of the people on this forum mean specificly by "in the box" mixing.

Does ITB mean that the "bounce to disk" feature in Pro Tools software is used to make the final 2 track mix ?

Or does it simply mean that no external analog mixer is used ?

I'm curious because I've stated MANY times on this forum that I am unsatisfied with my ITB mixes when I try them out on consumer systems. I have been using the "bounce to disk" feature in Pro Tools and this is what I mean by ITB.

I would think that much better results could be acheived running my Apogee AD-8000's 2 balanced analog outs to a 1/2" tape machine, or even a 24 bit DAT ?

But would this still be considered mixing ITB ?