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Lives for gear

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None of those are audio software companies. Most are hardware/consulting. The ones on that list that do provide software do it on the professional level for businesses and corporations and many times there are no other options except for their industry standards. The legalities of cracked software would take them down.

If you were able to provide a listing of sales of the audio software companies that use dongles and who don't. The sales numbers and size of the dongled companies would swamp the the little serial guys like PSP & Cockos. See below:
Spectrasonics? Ableton?
Native Instruments was mentioned who don`t use dongles and seem to do well.

I don`t know about the sales numbers of Flux, Izotope, UA etc. AVID is also a company with business video editing.
Izotope, if they offer non-dongle-based licnesing, doesn`t belong in the dongle-camp-list, either then, does it?
Actually I would really find it interesting to see a comparison list with sales numbers.
I only know that some company from France who use dongles had devastatingly poor sales numbers last time I had an email discussion with their CEO. For another one using dongles the sales where obviously dissappointing ("no more products in our previous segment..").

Ultimately it will remain a matter subjective points of view as there are no sales numbers available to the public.