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your argument is just funny (especially when you know izotope 5 and vertigo comp from brainworx are released this week and already cracked)
I'm sure that all of us who only buy legal software are always up on what was cracked this week. tutt

The arguments that show up in these threads are mind boggling, and I seriously hope that most of you are teenagers, otherwise I'm frightened for the species, because most folks, once they move out of their parent's house and food doesn't automatically appear on the table every day, learn a little something about what it takes to do business in the real world.

If any of you think that any of these audio software companies are rolling in dough you are delusional. It's a marginal market at best, over-crowded, one of the most dishonest and theiving user bases probably on the planet, and still thread after thread of people complaining about how greedy they are and how they should drastically drop their prices and stop trying to protect what sales they do get.

Do you think that it's cheap to hire highly qualified software engineers to create these products and make them really good? These companies cannot go to their engineers and say, oops, sorry guys, we have to cut your paychecks in half in order to try to make our product more competitive with the pirated versions. The best engineers would just leave and go where they can get paid what they are worth.

And the rest of them are probably a couple guys who barely scratching by, and could be making a lot more working for some big company and not bothering to create anything.