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Lives for gear

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This top 10 of software companies mostly companies that I don`t think use dongles:
List of the largest software companies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
None of those are audio software companies. Most are hardware/consulting. The ones on that list that do provide software do it on the professional level for businesses and corporations and many times there are no other options except for their industry standards. The legalities of cracked software would take them down.

If you were able to provide a listing of sales of the audio software companies that use dongles and who don't. The sales numbers and size of the dongled companies would swamp the the little serial guys like PSP & Cockos. See below:

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If any of this were true, the biggest and most successful companies would not be the one's who use dongles. The opposite is true. Waves, UAD, Steinberg, iZotope, Flux, EastWest, AVID, etc....

Some of the most successful and popular companies in the software game. They make tons of money, have tons of clients, and (most of the time) create stable software.