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Please post your evidence. Let's see the sales numbers. You can't just make up opinion as fact.
Exactly. Where's the proof? If we are just citing opinion as fact I would say the developers that use dongles are the largest companies with the biggest staff, marketing budgets, and more sales to sustain that. And the small companies that use no dongle are extra small mom and pop operations and are making the least money and sales. Opinion as Fact.

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If any of this were true, the biggest and most successful companies would not be the one's who use dongles. The opposite is true. Waves, UAD, Steinberg, iZotope, Flux, EastWest, AVID, etc....

Some of the most successful and popular companies in the software game. They make tons of money, have tons of clients, and (most of the time) create stable software.

Technically, I've never had a problem with dongles. Since I quit using cracks in the 90's and started buying software, I've actually had fewer crashes and had the motivation to learn what I paid for. Cracks foster lots of bitching and moaning without any respect for the people who actually wrote the programs.

Just how I see it.