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and how are you maximizing revenue from people who are ready to wait to have the free downloaded version of those softwares ?
The software development companies are not trying to convert the hardcore pirates that are determined to avoid paying for software. For some reason, you can't seem to imagine that there is another category of customers that won't do that.

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5 years ago, it was to prevent cracks now is just about maximizing revenue,
It was never about preventing cracks. Never. Not in the 1990s when I was active in the software business, and not now.

The developers themselves already know how to crack their own software and also know that outsiders and teenagers with determination can do the same.

It's the same idea that bike owners buy locks for their bicycles even though they already know that locksmiths and criminals can pick the locks, or they can cut the cables with bolt cutters. The existence of lockpickers and bolt cutters is not relevant to why people buy bicycle locks.

You keep framing the discussion around the existence of "cracks" and "bolt cutters."

I'm framing it around the math of sales & revenue.