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Depends on whether you like coding in assembly or C better
Reminds me of an old joke: a good electrical engineer can write FORTRAN (all caps because that's how it's spelled, not for emphasis) in any language.

Not sure about the coding. I probably will not like coding in either
I think writing code is boring and should be left to the computer scientists.
A small amount of coding to understand what needs to be done, but writing line after line is not for me.
Then the computer engineering major might not be a good fit. Most computer engineers wind up doing computer design work in programming languages like Verilog, which is used to design custom computer chips. From my limited experience with it, Verilog looks a lot like C.

My recommendation: take the first analog design classes, as well as the first digital design classes (you'll need both to graduate anyways, right?). At that point, pick which one you prefer. Either way, take a path that gets you into the "signals" portions of the cirruculum, and learn (very likely on your own) how to make that apply to audio.

Byron Jacquot