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NI, waves, steinberg, eastwest, izotope, softube, brainworx ... are all cracked since the begining and continue to release software due to their large customers base.

and thzt just show how copy protection doesn't have any positive impact on software business,
This isn't the correct analysis.

It's not about preventing cracks. It's really about maximizing sales revenue. Those are 2 different concepts.

You can't prevent cracks. It's impossible. The software vendors also already know it's impossible. It's really about maximizing sales revenue even though their software eventually gets cracked and many non-customers seek out and use those cracks.

It's been proven several times over that dongles (for certain software markets) help increase sales. Copy protection is used because it does have a positive impact on the software business.

Citing the existence of cracks floating out in cyberland is not relevant to the cost-benefit tradeoffs of copy protection.