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If any of this were true, the biggest and most successful companies would not be the one's who use dongles. The opposite is true. Waves, UAD, Steinberg, iZotope, Flux, EastWest, AVID, etc....
we can reverse your argument,

NI, waves, steinberg, eastwest, izotope, softube, brainworx ... are all cracked since the begining and continue to release software due to their large customers base.

and thzt just show how copy protection doesn't have any positive impact on software business,

UAD is something different, their dongle is trully efficient, but it also reveal something interesting about a lie in the software business :

death of piracy doesn't necessarly means a price drop wich was the most used argument 5 years ago in the reason why softwares prices are so high,

then it's also ask another question since the UAD plateform accept third party plugins :

what's my interest in buying a UAD version of an existing plugin if I pay it the same price but with more limitations (audio latency, instance limitation ...) than the native version ?

none in fact.