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"It's like terrorists trying to argue against the collective punishment of us all at the security check in any airport.
It sure is inconvenient...but there's no way around it."

fake security feelings imho, if a true terrorist want to bomb an airplane no matter what security check point you will create he will find a way to pass throught it

the only consequence of all that is you lose more than you win

terrorism / viruses / piracy / war on drug, still the same story

fear let you manipulate peoples and kill their freedom, kill democracy and happyness

people no more enjoy life just because they feel to much fear about security and the risk of death.

the situation some people reveal with ilok2 is so ridiculous too, the protection may be is not cracked but even the legal software don't run with it,

you pay for that now

and please don't call me warez user or advocate of anything,

all I use since 10 years (and since I own the money to pay what I use) is legal, I own uad cards (the only efficient dongle at the moment, wich don't mean it is perfect : not at all), propellerhead sofware + dongle, pianoteq and live (CR system), try ilok (spend 50 usd on it for demo and never buy anything that run on them due to too many issues and complication to use it)

and except about uad plugins they are all cracked and more convenient than the legal version (no copy protection to manage),

this is just absurd, we only feed the fear market and the fake feeling of security,

and the way people overreact (mainly some users with their death sentence hysteria) reveal how absurd the situation is.

As a legal user I know exacly why I pay softwares :

I want the software company to continue to release update and upgrade the product i use

I don't pay for the present but for the futur,and this is what is interresting in the software business