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unfortunately cracked software does exist on the computers of people working and making music you have heard on the radio.

but i think this happens when people are using THEIR OWN computers at work (eg a composer bringing their logic rig to a session).

whenever you have a system with separate system admins and users (eg a pro studio) then what you're saying is 100% correct and i agree.

the type of places where people have a MAINTENANCE BUDGET and BUYING POWER on behalf of their employer is where people really are not using cracks and where software developers should be aiming for anyway.

the people who use cracks and don't actually work with them, it's a pointless thing to chase them.

the people who use cracks and do work with them, it's not pointless in an ideal world, but realistically they don't define the income of a developer anyway so what's the point?

the people who pay the way for software developers have DOUBLE THE WORKLOAD looking after copy protection and will still generate income for the software developers in any case because they need to have a working building.

Apple and Massey do not use copy protection. Are they profitable businesses?

Ditching copy protection will ease the workload dramatically for developers and users, and will increase profitability for a business almost immediately.

Endlessly chasing the cracked users increases a business's profitability how?