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The point is, even if the software they downloaded as crack wouldn`t be available as crack, they still wouldn`t buy it.
There may be a few who actually make money with music and use cracks but from my experience the most common scenario is that people who are serious about doing something creative buy the software they use.
I feel strengthened in that claim by my personal observation that people who started out makin music as a hobby with cracked software stopped using cracks and started buying when making music became a major part of their lives.
I have the opposite observation...even to the point of finding all sorts of cracks in the computer of a big commercial studio.
Many of my clients openly tell me that they use cracks...until they find out that I strongly oppose this...and they just stop telling me.
In some cases I have refused to continue work on commercial projects until they got their software legal.

Maybe I'm pissing in the wind...but the piracy advocates don't make a great impression on me.
It's like terrorists trying to argue against the collective punishment of us all at the security check in any airport.
It sure is inconvenient...but there's no way around it.