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...finally gave up trying to use them....honest paying customers pay the price for piracy... I lost more money in time spent debugging Flux plugin problems than they cost. And they lost a paying customer in the process. I hope it's worth losing a few dozen paying customers just to stop a handful of 14 year old kids from using them illegally.
From my experience and view point 90 to 99% of people who get cracked software are mostly motivated to entertain the idea of being some great artist and not actually making it happen.
What they really want is something to dream about, not achieving a goal (despite they would claim they want to achieve a goal - they don`t).
Instead of learning to get the most out of what they have, they get more cracked software - because actually doing something would be work
Making art is not as simple as watching TV and many people don`t want to leave their comfort zone.
It`s also that many of those who get nowhere don`t trust in their ability to accomplish anything, so they give up whenever the first challenge comes along.
The point is, even if the software they downloaded as crack wouldn`t be available as crack, they still wouldn`t buy it.
There may be a few who actually make money with music and use cracks but from my experience the most common scenario is that people who are serious about doing something creative buy the software they use.

I think without cracks being available, the developer will not sell more. Instead, the extra cost of the dongle and the hassle that come with it and the software means many lost sales. It`s like an additional sales tax, causes problems (see this thread) that the developers have to spend time on fixing. That`s time they don`t have to develop new functions and new plug-ins.
Dongles hurts the developers` business and the buyers. It`s nonsense.

There`s a lot of software collectors who get all kinds of cracked expensive software like for aircraft construction or something and among that also all DAWs on the planet and they never even install it.