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I'm sorry, but the only "over-priced" part to me is if one opts for a lower DSP solution. Opt for higher on either, and the costs slowly even out. However, stick to simply grabbing an HD1 PT system, and the cost difference is pretty wickedly unbalanced...go HD3 and go similarly powered for native (plus UAD and PoCo), and it evens out with the native system one would *have* to build.

In another year, similarly powering native will be significantly less for DSP power comparisons. But, once again, PT TDM(HD) is NOT simply a sequencer. PARIS, Pyramix, etc are the same: complete DAW/Mixer enviornment.

I really wish DIgi would do a version of PT HD that is software only. Make it the same pricing scheme as Steiny does with Nuendo and Cubase (and it's lesser priced siblings). THEN we would have a level field of comparison IMO. I also think THIS would be what would draw some back in. Some of us prefer working in the PT enviornment, but some have simply tired of being "strong-armed" into using their hardware to use the software, or leave town. I have come close, but I just cannot find that magic path to discover the workflow that would allow me to use another app over PT HD full time.