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Originally Posted by cynic
i have the m1 actives mk2, and i like em - but really didn't end up liking them for mixing until i picked up the sub. i got the matching s1 active subwoofer and my mixes have been better since.

try investing in something like that first...just my opinion.

I Forgot to mention I Use A 10" Audiophile Quality subwoofer. It has custom hi quality active variable crossover and has been well tuned to the room(or so i think).
When I playback good commercial recordings. They sound fantasic. However as I start too listen more critically I realize yes the kick and bass is done just right but the details are smeared. I can't make out the kicks origin in the mix space or tell you what the texture of the bass sound is. Those types of things are not really translating
despite the music sounding very good and full. That's why I thought resolution. I figure if you want to have full control over how sounds blend and stand out at the same time, you probably need to be able to hear the edge of the sound.