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Alesis M1 actives MKII what's the next step up?

What's up. i have been using these Alesis monitors for about a year and half.Before I used Event PS6's My mixxes got more balanced and flat. The balance was and is a good thing but the flatness is bordering on boring. Also, I noticed with my last mix project coming back from mastering that the bottom (kick , sub and electric bass) was balanced but not enough. So the next time I had to mix I purposely put on too much bass for the mixx in my room. In the car the sound was closer to what I would want in a final mix. I feel that perhaps a monitor with more lower mid and bass detail would help me to get everything just right Also the room could need more treatment. The cone movement of the woofer is showing too much 80 hz and I know I've put too much 80 hz. Then in the car it sounds like it's supposed too. Any help please.