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Originally Posted by tamasdragon
Actually I'm in a completely different situation. We had 2 protools system, they sucked imho. And for that money, man, I thought that someone making some rude joke with us. Do not want the flame war begin! But we couldn't be happier with our native systems. We usually record live bands 32-48 track at once, so you were wrong when you couldn't imagine to record that few tracks with native. I won't say that all digi system is wrong, I just think there are much better solutions out there.
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Ehrm, well a lot of the plugins I use are not available for native- Eventide, McDSP, Access Virus, Echoboy, Bombfactory- none of these are available for native, except the virus being a powercore plugin.

I still maintain several native rigs- I have Logic & DP use them on different systems.
I use different systems for different jobs- all my breaks material is done in logic and transferred to PT to mix.
Tab to transients, Beat detective, groups- there are a lot of operational issues within protools that make more sense- and that is from me, a previously die hard logic user (for a decade, no less).

If you are getting great performace from your native rig then cool- what are you using- I am always open to new ideas- but having a lot of money invested in various DAW's when I am tracking a band, editing the perfomraces and mixing them, I get it doen in Protools with a minimum of fuss a great deal of stability and get through it quicker and onto the next project. This is why PT, in my view, is the market leader.

It has issues, of course- the HUI impleimentation for Mackie control is dreadful, no master fader support- but I can live with that, to a degree.