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Old 11th November 2011
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I've been putting Flux's SPAT through the paces recently, using a fully-working 10-day trial version.

I am mainly interested in the binaural/transaural aspects of the plug-in for now, and am having some so-so results. Here are a couple issues:

1) Spat does not seem to automate much in Nuendo, except for their "scene A to B" slider (yawn...), which is actually unbelievable since it is SCREAMING for automation! Anyway, the only way I can record movement is "on the fly", recording live. But
Nuendo is limited about what a track can record. The only way I
was able to do this was to "send" the Group Track with Spat to an Effects
Track (with no effect inserted in it). This way I could select the FX track as
the input source of the new Audio Track (it seems Groups can not be inputs, but FX tracks can), and then I could make my moves live as I was recording. This is obviously not a great solution, but it brought me back to my early studio days with all hands on deck for a mix!.


2) The next issue was the only HRTF option in the "Settings" section is a Kemar dummy-head. However, I can see a directory on my PC with many "dummy-head" HRTF files, which was created during the installation. So I am not sure why I can't choose other heads, and am awaiting an answer from Flux. I'm keen to try other heads, because the Kemar head offered minimal results. Not a great binaural effect (on headphones).

3) Reverbs 2 and 3 have no effect, as if they were not enabled in this "fully-working" trial version. Also waiting for word from Flux on this.

4) The Transaural setting yielded surprisingly good results (this is a binaural effect which is compatible with stereo speaker playback). I say surprisingly good because up to now, the results of the in-headphones binaural effect was minimal, and I was also very disappointed with the results of Flux's HEar plug-in (used for rendering a 5.1 mix for headphones also with binaural processing). Both of these were not as impressive as I'd hoped, and not good enough to dedicate a project to (as I'd also hoped). But the transaural effect was quite interesting, and definitely had some sounds seeming to be well outside of the speaker realm.

That's the skinny on Spat so far. I'd be happy to post audio results if anybody's interested.