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Revolver in this month's Guitar World

It takes a lot for me to pick up one of the guitar mags out there -- I used to pick up at least three a month for years. So you could say I hit a saturation point. But this month's Guitar World has a couple articles about the making of Revolver.

One is an excerpt of Geoff Emmerich's book about "Paperback Writer"... another details his involvement with Revolver, track by track.

Had to break out the album and listen while I read. Lotta great info, from mikes to compressors to cutting up the tape and throwing it in the air. Love how he close-miked Ringo's kit and ran it through a compressor (Fairchild 660), and Ringo's reaction. He actually got hauled on the carpet by EMI brass for putting mikes closer than 18 inches to the instruments, but the Beatles went with him to the meeting and defended him.

Great stuff!