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Firepod into ibook w/ Cubase LE or Logic Pro 7.1. No other doodads as of now. I'm very aware that the Firepod's pres aren't necessarily up to this task, but I'm trying to make do. I DO have access to some Mackie boards that I could use the pres from, but don't the line inputs on the Firepod NOT bypass the pres? I seem to rememer this being one of the unit's downfalls.
Mics usually include Neumann U87s, Royer 121, AKG C414, AT 4050, SM81s. Any time I close mic at all, I try to use the R121. I used the C414 it as a mic for a cello trio once at 4-5 feet away or so, and that's where I got a lot of that "rasp" sound.
Mics are never "close", per se. They're still usually a few feet away. Our recital hall is so boomy that I'm usually just trying to retain some presence on the instrument.
I usually record at 24/44.1. I accidentally did 16/44.1 once because I forgot to change the bitrate before I started.
Part of the problem has also been that the ventilation in our recital hall is old and noisy, so I tried to lean a little more on the closer mics. This problem has since been remedied as someone finally found the switch to turn the fan off. I will certainly depend on distance mics much more now.
The school doesn't have ANYTHING really in the way of pres. They have a dual-channel DBX tube comp/pre (don't remember exact model #, but it's a 2 rack-space unit), some Mackie boards, and a couple Blue Tubes (so noisy!). We're actually looking at getting some 8ch preamps w/ conversion soon, and I'm trying to get them to go with the Onyx 800R as it's close to our budget and probably cleaner yet richer than anything else we have. There are MOTU 828 mkII's I could borrow once in a while if I needed to use the ADAT in, but until we get that 8ch strip, there's no use for that.
Thanks for your help!