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Originally Posted by knerd
I figured we needed a Thread to just get it all out of our system..

From recent posts [and not so recent] there are strong feelings against Pro Tools.. I love Pro Tools. I have an HD2 rig with 1x 192... It works good for me [for now] ... If HD core cards were cheaper [or more powerful, or used chips from this decade] would you hate Pro Tools less?

What would Digidesign have to do to win back the newer logic and neundo users?

discuss. [kick and shove!]
I have nothing against P.Tools ......

I view more like a multi-track and it is great for the mix engineers but for producer/composers it's damn right ugly , Logic for me is just the greatest for actual production that involves tracking vocal/gtr/drums and midi/softsynths/samplers together and has a great work flow about it ! That said i have no problems transfering to for the final mix if i had to pull everything apart , as long as nobody wants me to actually program a beat in P.Toolsheh