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But I visited as an American citizen. I didn't pay any French taxes for access to the Louvre. It is also free to all foreign visitors that don't pay French taxes (British, German, Chinese, etc).

The point is that in certain circumstances, the perception of the product (or service) is "free" or "devalued". How those circumstances come about behind the curtains (the French taxes) are irrelevant to me. I have only visited the Louvre for free. I have never paid for admission. Does it mean the Mona Lisa is worth less (or even worthless) to me? Possibly.

No. Artists' intent is not enough against the tide of public perception (and technological progress). Basically, artists' intent is irrelevant even though we'd would wish it to be otherwise.

Just like you have your opinion, I have mine, and I say NO.
NO I will not run and find a new way to make money with music.
I will use the laws in our lovely U.S.A. to FIGHT PIRACY.
There is enough man power to rid our airwaves of major piracy.

Its only a matter of time.

I'm sure enough good, honest, hard working people are affected by music piracy, to make a real change.

We need start change NOW..

Expel some of those college students uploading programs, put a few hundred people in jail and you'll start seeing a change.