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You see, there these things called Laws.
Break a law, get caught, you get punished.

There's been a massive hole in enforcement. This needs to be plugged immediately.
I wasn't speaking about the letter of the law. I was talking philosophically.

In any case, you cannot enforce against piracy of intellectual property. It's impossible. Some folks think it can be done at the ISP level by sniffing traffic 24/7 but for endless technical reasons, that won't work either.

Musicians, authors, artists all have a right to earn a living but it will have to be done in a way that can coexist with uncontrolled piracy. I believe a new revenue model will be invented that makes piracy irrelevant. Unfortunately, we (the industry) haven't figured it out yet.

Instead of fighting piracy -- find a way to make it irrelevant. This is the only realistic hope.

Perceptions will change...
And your evidence for this is?