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The Louvre Museum in Paris has free admission the 1st Sunday of every month. (In other words, you can go see the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo for free.)

Do any of these have value?
If "yes", why?
The artworks themselves are worth millions.
You are granted access to them for free because the French government fund access, probably via taxation.
So no, none of it is free.
On the other sundays can you barge into the Louvre without paying? I doubt it.
So the key here is that you are granted permission on the first sunday of every month. Just as musicians are free to give permission to share their work without payment. But you aren't allowed to make that decision for them, like you can't decide to walk into the Louvre without paying on the second sunday of the month.

This is pretty basic commonsense isn't it???????