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I think many miss the point of TDM: it is like Pyramix and such- a digital mixer built on DSP cards. It just happens to sit inside the computer, and is modular (to some extent). It is NOT simply an overblown Po-Co or UAD-1.

Sure, Digi is easy to throw stones at: big company, keeps things under their control, does not seem to like playing nice with direct competitors (arguable, of course). Apple is kinda similar. I can still hear the echoes of those unhappy (understatement to some) Windows Logic users. And hardware + Apple (pretty much) = DO WHAT WE SAY MF'er!!! heh

I own Nuendo 3.2, as well as an HD4 Accel + Digi 192, both on XP. Both are excellent apps. Nuendo has no hardware directly associated- buy your own! But, it is intended to solely be that: an app. PT HD, OTOH, is an enviornment + an app that overlays on it. Much like Apple has strict containment on their environment (hard- and software), so does Digi. They build the DAW (app, software) on THEIR hardware.

For others, Nuendo is an easy decision because it provides a different type of mixer (32-bit float on host DSP), and allows more freedom. Cost is something some consider a huge difference, but I simply do not see it as being nearly as plausible an excuse to consider. Pricing out my HD4 Accel vs a nice UAD-1 + PoCo + Dual-Dual Core 4G Nuendo machine with Aurora16 and Lynx STILL comes up within a couple $$$k of my HD rig, computer included. Both do an incredible job, both allow one to develop fast, efficient and great sounding works.

Some like goin barefoot, some like goin out in tennies or loafers, or mega$$$ dress shoes. Some care about the label they wear. Some care about the name on the car they drive. Some care if their fav guitar player can do 128th notes @ 200bpm cleaner than some other bozo. And some care if someone calls their fav a bozo. Some, enough to shoot the person spouting such blasphemy.

Me? I could give a **** less. If it works for me, makes MY day brighter, doesn't piss me off, doesn't break FOR ME, and makes me forget 1,000 + soft minded, bung-mouthed, regurgitative, couldn't-form-a-single-opinion-on-their-own sheep bad mouthed it, then I keep it. And if I can afford another toy to try, and find it works too- I keep it.

So why a long post about something I dont care about?
dfegad Too hot today, and instead of smacking every idiot I overheard while out and about today, I found this thread, and it just invited me in to spew diatribe all over it, like an incredibly stupid **** that walks into a room, is asked to walk forward a few more paces onto the nice, protective plastic, and 5 seconds later, wonders why they are playin a harp, or bein handed a damn pitchfork now. IOW, it is my time to be the blathering idiot, and say WTF I feel like. About something I actually love, but could care less what the manufacturer's label says.

Pick your toys by how fun they are...not by who makes 'em. heh thumbsup