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Originally Posted by dpasch
I am no electrical engineer, but it seems the analog section of the converter would make a big impact in the overall sound.

This is very true. While the StudioClock is an extremely good master clock it cannot be expected to bring up any old converter to the standards of the 8x192. Converters as well as any other piece of studio gear have to be looked at as a system rather then as various components to be improved upon externally. Please keep in mind that the 8x192 has six clock outputs on it, so it can serve as a "house" clock itself as well as providing 8 ins and 8 outs of worldclass conversion, as well as format conversion. The StudioClock192 is best considered as something that is used to provide rock solid clock to a variety of digital devices. There are some devices that it will improve the sound of dramatically, and there will be others where it won't. If you have any questions about it please let me know. Thanks.